Super fast service, convenient location, knowledgeable staff. They get things done fast and done right the first time plus they know the "ins and outs" of bikes and biking.

Ted Whitfield


Great bike shop! Super friendly and knowledgeable! Can fit your personal need perfectly when shopping for a bike!

Wesley Higdon


What amazing products and service!! Thanks Larry Miles!!!

Kristen Gedney


Extremely friendly, and knowledgeable staff!

Jeff Day


Took us in and helped us out when we had no idea what to do great company

Porpoise Bros


Quality products and service

Chad Heady


I approached owner Larry Myles as a total beginner wanting to get into cycling and he took care of me completely educating me on the things I need to know to get started. I had already done my research and had a good idea of what I wanted, but he took the time to go through my thought process anyway, making sure my goals and bike were right. From the components/models available to the basic knowledge of the maintenance needs of the bike, he went above and beyond to make sure I got started on the right foot. I left the shop knowing I chose the right shop and the right bike.

Brandon Lucas


Where do I begin...
My friend and I were graced with the opportunity of meeting Mr. Larry Myles. Out of the kindness of his heart, he welcomed us into his shop and genuinely took care of us.

We might be in a serious bad way if it weren't for his generosity. He provided maintenance on our bikes, great conversation, information, & an overall wonderful experience.

A man that is truly passionate of his craft, he went above and beyond to see to it that we completed our journey. I will surely never forget his kindness.

I pray we run into more shops similar to his along the way; although part of me wants to believe kindness like that is a rarity. God bless & thank you! -Porpoise Bros

Kyle Ferguson


Knowledgeable and experienced mechanics that provide professional service. I needed a minor repair, and Larry Myles explained everything I needed to know pragmatically; and I repaired my own bike with out problems. I highly recommend this shop to anyone needing repairs to their bicycle.

Brad Smeathers


The shop was great! Took care of my problem and corrected another bike shops' misadjustments on the rear derailer!

Cassie S.


The owner is a real, regular dude,who will try to help you before he tries to sell you. The first priority is getting your issue resolved, and if that involves you making a purchase, then cool, but if not, he'll want to make sure you have the best information and a clear idea of what you need. Top notch service, and the gear and bikes to match.

Jockamo F.


Great service! Got exactly what I was looking for and it didn't cost nearly as much as I expected! Highly recommend for bicycle repairs!

Nathan T


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